Lucia Scarpa

 About me

My name is Lucia Scarpa: my surname already tells part of my story, as it is the third most common in the Venice region, and it says I am a local, a true Venetian. Actually, to be precise, my roots are in the island of Murano, world famous for its artistic glassmaking, and where I was born and raised. My ancestors on my mother’s side, the Miotti family, have had an important art glass factory since the 1500’s, and are honoured by having a street in Murano named after them. I currently live in Venice proper, a city I love deeply, a city that I live every day, a city that fascinates me more every day.

I’ve had the great blessing of always being surrounded by beauty, in a city unique in the world, where nature and architecture meet and create an amazing harmony. Encouraged by the urge to carry forward this beauty, at the age of fifteen I decided that I would make it my trade, that I would become an official tour guide of my city.


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I currently live in Venice proper, a city I love deeply, a city that I live every day, a city that fascinates me more every day.

After my high school diploma obtained from the Istituto Tecnico Statale Per Il Turismo Francesco Algarotti in Venice, I enrolled in the university degree program for Planning and Management of Cultural Tourism at the nearby Università di Padova. During my second year of university, I studied in Seville (Spain) thanks to the European mobility scholarship Socrates-Erasmus, with the goal of increasing my linguistic fluency and cultural enrichment. Upon my return to Padova, I graduated with top marks. After a period of work as Au Pair in Munich (Germany), which allowed me to deepen my fluency in German, I began to study on my own specifically for the Professional Tour Guide qualification exam, which I passed in 2011 at 25 years of age: the youngest official tour guide in Venice. Since October 4th 2011 I have been registered on the provicial board of tour guides, and I practice my trade with passion and dedication.

Guiding people from every country, culture and walk of life, along the streets of my city telling of its history, uncovering its secrets, showing its treasures, gives me immense joy. At the same time, I truly hope that my guests can live a unique and unforgettable experience, that will be treasured in their hearts together with a great memory of me, as a Venetian in love with Venice first and foremost.

Venice for me:
“It is always assumed that Venice is the ideal place for a honeymoon. This is a grave error. To live in Venice or even to visit it means that you fall in love with the city itself. There is nothing left over in your heart for anyone else. After your first visit you are destined to return at every possible chance or with every possible excuse”.
Peggy Guggenheim

My job and my life for me:
“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”.
Mother Teresa